Find an Office

Finding an office is different to finding a home

Novum Office navigates the complex and jargon-heavy world of commercial property for you, translating your expectations into the ideal office space by understanding your unique needs and requirements.

We have access to the entire London office market, tailoring the options for your business. Novum Office supports you through understanding the costs involved in an office move, the development of your brief and accompanies you on briefings, providing bespoke advice on the merits of each option.

We also negotiate heads of terms, providing a jargon-free interpretation of what each clause means and how it might impact your business. The team manages the process through due diligence to ensure legal completion happens according to your timetable and in your best interests.

“Novum Office helped us to make the massive leap into the unknown world of demises and superior landlords, making the legal minefield much more comprehendible for us! I have no doubt that we would have we made some costly mistakes without their advice!


 Dan Beasley, CEO - Puzzle London